When I was in culinary school I was bothered by the difficulty of working on most cutting boards.  A majority of them were warped and slipped and rocked during use making cutting difficult and dangerous.  With its 2 sided gripping action a Gecko Grip placed under the edges of a cutting board stops this from happening,

“The only thing that scares me more than students chasing a cutting board around while it wobbles and slips, is watching them walk behind someone else with their knife pointing forward”, Chef Rob, Culinary Dept. Chair

The easy to clean, non-porous, dishwasher safe, silicone construction of The Gecko Grip greatly reduces the opportunity for the spread of bacteria when compared to using cloth and paper towels under the board.

The Gecko Grip also works great as a jar opener and as a trivet rated over 500 degrees F.  With its eye catching colors and packaging the Gecko grip stands out on the shelf.  Both professional chefs and foodies get it.

I believe The Gecko Grip will help your students with their knife skills and reduce the chances for injury in the classroom.  If you are interested in this new product please contact me.

Julie Lambert


(720) 432-5649