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What People Are Saying

"This is such a cool product. I brought 1 to work and my fellow workers keep stealing them. I need to get the restaurant to buy them "

"Love the Gecko Grips! We live aboard, currently at the dock in Puget Sound. I have 2 cutting boards which I try to keep on edge against the counter backsplash when not in use. They were constantly slipping down onto the counter, knocking other items out of the way. Now each has a Gecko strip under the long edge, and presto -no sliding.  The larger board is placed across one of my double sinks for food prep. Again, slipping had been a big problem. My husband wanted to glue wooden cleats to the bottom of the board to hold it securely in place but I have been putting him off for 3 years not wanting to make the board bulkier to store. No more worries. I love this versatile product. Thank you."

"What a cool idea. We have these for our cutting board on our sailboat - it's always hard to keep a cutting board in place on the slick counter top. We keep these handy and just pop them under a cutting board, and it stays perfectly in place.  Just toss them on the counter top - they don't have to be straight or anything. No wobbles, no sliding. Going to buy a set for home!"

"What a great idea! I received my Gecko Grip a few days ago and used it immediately to grip a mixing bowl I was using. It worked like a charm - and it’s Made In America!"

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